Why Should I Hire a Leadership Coach?

Are you living life below your potential? Do you crave a more meaningful life?  Would you like your business or career to soar beyond your current level? Would you enjoy more fulfilling relationships? How would it feel to be closer to God?  If you connected with any of these questions, you should consider engaging a coach.

According to therapytoday.net, coaching is now the second fastest growing industry in the world.  It seems that everyone is, or wants to be, a coach. The challenge is that the term is thrown around so loosely, that it is often difficult to nail down a good definition of what a coach actually is and does.

Sometimes it is easier to explain what something is by first determining what it is not. I will contrast authentic life coaching from other similar, but distinct, endeavors: 

Coaching vs Counseling:  Counseling is often focused on “fixing” a problem or rooting out “issues”. Coaching, on the other hand, is primarily focused on healthy, well-adjusted individuals or teams who can benefit from outside perspective, creative energy and specific planning and organization skills.

Coaching vs Mentoring:  Mentoring generally involves an experienced person, with extensive subject knowledge and wisdom, who trains a novice person or team in a particular skill. Conversely, coaches are experts in the skills of coaching. They ask powerful thought-provoking questions and aid in planning, goal setting and evaluation. They help clients discover and organize thoughts and dreams into concrete plans of action. They then provide support, encouragement and accountability to facilitate success. 

Coaching vs Consulting: Consultants rely on specific areas of expertise to assist customers.  Specialties include technology, investments, sales etc. Consultants often represent a particular product or suite of products.  Coaches are generally more product neutral.  They focus on desired outcomes rather than a specific method of getting there. The world is their resource library.

Professional Coaches understand that clients know themselves better than anyone else.  Professional Coaches are especially skilled to draw-out these unique talents, abilities, dreams and desires to help clients craft a customized plan that propels them to success.

So, when is your first appointment?

Dr. Hall, of Rodney D. Hall Coaching, is a certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer. He has a BS in Business Administration & Computer Information Systems, an MM in Leadership and a PhD in Theology. Contact us at info@RodneyDHall.com

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